Jacob Everett

Jacob Everett Musician/Singer & Rapper from Houston, Texas.

Jacob’s Bio Born, Jacob O. Everett ( ‘O’ stands for Okpetoritse- which means “Thanks be to God”, in the Nigerian-Itsekiri language of the Delta region.

The first of three brothers who came with their mom to Houston in 2003. The name ‘Everett’ is from his British great-grandfather, and the family Patriarch in Nigeria is Chief Jacob Everett of Warri kingdom from whom he got his name.

He has always lived in Houston, since he emigrated to the U.S.A , and attended Hastings High School, and a year at the Texas Southern University.

Thereafter, went to the Police academy at Houston community college, and then in Massage therapy in 2012. His breakthrough into Music-making came on the faithful day of August 27th, 2016.

He came home after an exhausting day at work as a massage therapist, and overheard his youngest brother ‘Ernest’, singing very loudly, some interesting tunes, a recent habit of his. When he peeked into his room, he found him with headphones, working on his laptop, and with a dozen scraps of paper strewn all over the floor of his room. Incidentally, Ernest also happens to be a prolific writer of music lyrics.

Within, a matter of hours, Jacob learned the basics of making tunes and with that, he produced the rudiments of his first song and choruses for six others. It happened that fast. That burst of inspiration did not end there but has grown exponentially ever since. ‘America’ is known, the world over as the Land of opportunities, but for Jacob’s family, the family tradition has always been to pursue strictly professional careers and thereby, preserve and guarantee financial stability for the family.

With a grandfather who was an accountant, and a father a medical doctor, it’s no surprise Jacob had to suppress or sometimes even deny ever venturing into music as a career, until now.

Before August 27th, 2016, Jacob’s favorite pastime was and has always been listening to a wide range of music genres. He appreciated his father’s taste in the classical and particularly enjoyed Chopin.

He also listened to a lot of Hip Hop, Pop, and Reggae. Sometime in 2015 on impulse went for vocal testing with encouraging results.

His place of birth, Nigeria is very well known for an abundance of artistic talents, and the reason for this is probably genetic.

It would be reasonable, therefore, to attribute Jacob’s success in music to ‘cape Deum ‘. He seized the right moment and in the right place-’ America’ where things happen. The rest is history in the making.